Do you want to hike in our hills or our mountains? Or do you simply want to take a walk in the nature?

In Pescia and in the entire Valleriana you can find several trekking routes with different levels of difficulty or even routes for a simple walk. Near our villa there are some beautiful paths: click here to be directed to our page where you can find information about the closest paths to VILLA CAMELIA TUSCANY!

Are you really passionate in hiking? In the Apennine mountains, north of Pescia and not far away, there are many C.A.I. paths (Italian Alpine Club), which will allow you to admire the beauty of our mountains and visit the small villages of Valleriana Valley. Click here to be directed to our page where you will find more information.

Useful Tips

When you hike, we always advise you to be cautious and to equip yourself based on the path you want to follow and the duration of the route. Before leaving, we advise you to consult the weather forecast, remembering that storms are frequent on the mountains, especially in summer, to bring a jacket with you to protect you from the wind or rain, your mobile phone, a map (here you can download the CAI maps of Pescia), water, food. Wear clothes suitable for the route, in particular hiking shoes and always long trousers and bring a trekking pole with you. And remember, never hike in the late afternoon, darkness can suddenly surprise you!