Hiking near our Villa

On this page we suggest you some routes around our villa.

The (very easy) Via di San Vito route starts directly from Villa Camelia Tuscany and will allow you to quickly reach the historic center of Pescia (0,7 km). It is a short walk from where you can admire the town of Pescia and its monuments from the top of the hill.

A longer route is Via della Fiaba which connects Pescia to the spectacular village of Collodi (the village of Pinocchio); this route can be intercepted halfway on the Via di Collecchio at an iron cross on the side of the road and near an ancient yellow villa: heading east you will continue towards Pescia (0,9 km), heading west towards Collodi (2,1 km). This is a longer route than the previous one, but, if you want, you can split it into two parts and do it on different days.

The Via del Monte Est route (1,3 km), which goes from Pescia up to the village of Monte a Pescia, is more challenging, especially due to the difference in altitude between the starting point and the arrival point. Halfway you will find the Bishop's stone, where the Bishop rested when he went by foot to the village of Monte a Pescia; at the top you will just arrive at the village of Monte a Pescia where you can admire the church of San Bartolomeo or eat in a typical Tuscan restaurant.

During these walks you will be able to admire splendid views of the city of Pescia and the surrounding mountains dotted with the small villages of Valleriana Valley (also called Switzerland of Pescia). If instead you want to take simple walks we recommend following the main asphalted road that you drove on to get to Villa Camelia Tuscany; if you follow it downwards the road will take you to Pescia; if you follow it upwards you can easily reach the village of Monte a Pescia.

The Iron Cross at the intersection of Via di Collecchio and Via della Fiaba