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Tuscany is a magnificent region where you can find cities, art, nature, sea, mountains, as well as its splendid hills that draw spectacular landscapes. In addition to the famous cities of Florence (https://www.feelflorence.it), Pisa (https://www.turismo.pisa.it/), Lucca (https://www.turismo.lucca.it/h ...) and Siena (https://www.terredisiena.it/), Tuscany is dotted with many small villages, often with medieval origins and with breathtaking views, where you can immerse yourself in the quiet, walk in the small streets and enjoy spectacular views!

But Tuscany is also open-air shows, folklore, events with medieval origins, such as the famous "Pali" held in many towns. Art and culture are one of the most unforgettable aspects of the Region: from the very famous Uffizi museum to the small museums of the many towns, rich in history and works of art. You will be able to admire ancient finds from the Etruscan civilization, to then arrive at the Renaissance, the golden age that made the Region famous all over the world. In Tuscany there are 8 sites included by UNESCO in the World Heritage list.

Don't forget the food and wine: the local cuisine and wines are one of the excellences famous all over the world.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in immersing yourself in a thermal bath, a few kilometers from our villa, you will find the beautiful Grotta Giusti (https://www.grottagiustispa.co...), which offers guests both thermal pools and a real thermal cave where you will descend into the warm heart of the earth to find the magic of an underground thermal lake.

For more details, we direct you to the official website of the Tuscany Region dedicated to tourists, where you can find all the information to explore the area and better organize your holiday. Click on https://www.visittuscany.com and discover all the beauties of our Region.

If instead you want to discover the most interesting places in the immediate proximity of our villa, we suggest you to visit Pescia (https://www.comune.pescia.pt.i...), Collodi and the Pinocchio Park (https://www.pinocchio.it/), Montecarlo (http://www.montecarloditoscana...) and Buggiano Castello (https://visitbuggiano.com/). All these places can be reached in a few minutes. Further information on the surroundings can be found on the ValdinievoleTurismo internet page.

In the surroundings of Lucca you can visit the many Ancient Houses with their monumental parks and gardens, some of which are embellished with ancient Camellia plants (https://villeepalazzilucchesi....). Just a little further away, you will find Vinci (https://www.vinciturismo.com/ and https://www.museoleonardiano.i...), the birthplace of Leonardo.   Click on the links above for more information.

60 km away you can visit the Teatro del Silenzio (https://www.teatrodelsilenzio....), created by the tenor Andrea Bocelli in his birthplace of Lajatico, a few km from the splendid city of Etruscan origins of Volterra (77km) (https://www.terredipisa.it/en/...) .

In the surroundings of Florence you can visit one of the many Medici villas built by the Medici family who promoted a new vision of the world during the Renaissance and a harmonious relationship between landscape, aesthetics and architecture (https://villegiardinimedicei.it/en/).

Finally, with a one-day excursion, you can go beyond the borders of Tuscany and visit the enchanting villages of the Cinque Terre (https://www.cinqueterre.it/).

Enjoy your trip!

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